Last updated: 2021-05-25

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A musical instrument to create soundscapes of El Hierro

This project is about my search for what music really is, about the art of listening and about my love for strange musical things… This might sound rather ambitious or vague, but read the project page(s) where I clearify how I turn this into reality.

It is an idealistic non-commercial, nor crowd-funded project. The context is the island where I live: El Hierro, the most westerly and southerly of all the Canary Islands, as well as the smallest.

Here a first impresion of the outcome (best experienced with headphones).

Sonidos de pastores

You can hear (and watch) more examples on some of my BLOG pages.

I hope some day I can hand the results of this project over to people who live on my island, as a toy for youngsters, or as a tool for anyone to keep the magic of this island alive.