2019 April


I recorded a swarm of bees near their beehive. Analyzing the recordings at home I found their sound is centered around 241 Hz. This corresponds with values I found in literature. So this sound is musical in its own way and can be combined with the sounds of waves and the wind, as I expected.


Here you can watch the demo of the waves, the bees and the wind. There is also a pastor in the background, calling for his animals. Detection method is color detection.

I also made a demo to show the possibilies of my software for controlling volume and speed of 4 channels with drums.

This goes ‘beyond El Hierro’ but might be interesting for people who love to use the instrument for making (techno) music. This shows that with gestures you can control Ableton’s effects and plug-ins: in fact it is a sophisticated MIDI controller.


Last week I presented my project to the audience of my Spanish class in Valverde (El Hierro, Canary Islands), in Spanish. I concentrated on reaching a state of ‘clairaudience’, as described by R. Murray Schafer. I challenged the people in the audience to describe the sounds they hear for about 2 minutes in the small town. Then I asked them to make a drawing from this experience. Finally I asked them to describe the sounds they heard at the time they were about 6 years old. In this way they became aware of the concept of ‘soundscape’. The results on paper varied, but for many it was all very new and abstract and at the same time also a revelation. These exercises were followed by a simple technical explanation and some demos. A few enjoyed playing with the instrument.

(Photo by Eva, 2019)


I experimented with and implemented the ‘Midi remote scripts’ in Ableton. These can be made on the Remotify website (you have to create an account).
On this site you can create a controller script and load it in the Preferences of Ableton. The script fixes connections between the controls of Ableton and received midi cc messages. They can easily be applied in other Ableton projects too, so the connections do not have to be made again and again. Examples of connections are:
– pan per channel
– start and stop recording

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